BMMA Announces Best in Class Award Winners

The Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) Announced the Winners of its Broadband Marketing Excellence Awards for 2009 at Their Annual Meeting in Clearwater Beach, FL

Actiontec Electronics and Bell Aliant were awarded the BMMA’s Marketing Innovation Awards and Alcatel-Lucent and MTS Allstream were awarded the Marketing Excellence Awards by the BMMA at their recent Annual Meeting in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) June 3, 2009 — The Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) awarded its 2009 Marketing Innovation Awards to Alcatel-Lucent and MTS Allstream and it’s Marketing Excellence Awards to Bell Aliant and Actiontec Electronics at its Annual General Meeting in Clearwater, FL on April 28, 2009.

The Marketing Innovation Awards go to the service provider and vendor companies that best display innovation in broadband product marketing theory, practice or operations. The Marketing Excellence Award is presented to the service provider or vendor that best displays excellence in the field of broadband marketing execution.

Marketing Innovation Award – Vendor
Brian Henrichs – Actiontec Electronics
For: Next Gen Wireless Broadband Router

Brian Henrichs, representing Actiontec Electronics, won the Marketing Innovation Vendor Award for the industry’s first “Smart Home Gateway”. Actiontec’s Next Gen Wireless Broadband Router is the first device to feature a dual-core, 64-bit processor that allows it to support home networking speeds up to 1 Gbps and enables broadband TV and other content to be distributed to multiple devices in the home over coaxial cable. By bundling fiber-optic Internet and fiber-optic TV — along with a broad range of connectivity options (wireless, Ethernet, coax) — into a single box, the device offers a seamless entertainment and communication experience throughout all parts of the home network. Actiontec’s new router is truly innovative.

Actiontec evaluated the market needs and trends to develop a product that can act as the heart of the next-generation digital home by facilitating multiple high-throughput media streams between devices along with highly desired customer features and service provider management tools like QoS control, etc. Actiontec did it right by having their product marketing, development, and channel sales teams, partner with Verizon and other broadband providers to ensure the CPE device met all carrier specifications and application needs. By listening to carrier needs, Actiontec brought a new class of CPE product to market that directly addresses current and future broadband initiatives.

Marketing Innovation Award – Service Provider
Julie Todd & Jeff Hovell – Bell Aliant 
For: PC Expert

Julie Todd & Jeff Hovell, representing Bell Aliant, won the Service Provider Marketing Innovation Award for PC Expert, a new type of support service for the small business customer. PC Expert proactively and remotely monitors/manages customer-owned PCs, laptops, and tablets and acts when an issue is detected. Issues may range from a performance issue to an outright failure of equipment. When an issue is detected, Aliant will remotely connect to the affected device to diagnose and attempt to resolve the issue. If that is not possible, a technician may be dispatched to the customer site to remedy the issue.

Bell Aliant identified a market need, determined that customers did not have other acceptable options and designed an innovative new product to meet the customers’ needs and. They also strategically designed the product to advance Bell Aliant’s competitive position in the market for their broadband services and other Small Business services. Aliant then conducted both an internal launch/ kick-off event in all of their channels as well as an integrated targeted and mass external campaign. They then launched a significant PR campaign to announce that Aliant is the only communications company providing IT and PC Support to SMB customers. This allowed them to demonstrate leading edge innovation in the marketplace.

Marketing Excellence Award – Service Provider
Consumer Internet Product Marketing – MTS Allstream 
For: ForceField

The MTS Allstream marketing team won the Service Provider Marketing Excellence Award for introducing a program to add an additional layer of security to their Zone Alarm Forcefield service at no additional cost to their customers. ForceField protects the user’s online browsing session by creating a temporary clone of the browser so that anything customers do on the web runs in a protected shell.

MTS Allstream continues to bring great value to their market with a leading edge approach. The ability to understand their market and develop and execute the right plans for success is evident. MTS Allstream examined their customers to determine the right target market, identified the market needs, found a product to meet those needs and developed an advertising program to highlight their solution. They also overcame the market’s unfamiliarity with this new type of product by creating exceptionally descriptive marketing material that communicated the idea of ForceField with a unique holographic ad mailer and other integrated collateral. Well done!

Marketing Excellence Award – Vendor
Shana Nardecchia – Alcatel-Lucent 
For: Mover Market Program

Shana Nardeccia, representing Alcatel-Lucent, won the Vendor Marketing Excellence Award for developing the Mover Market program which provides incentives to Alcatel-Lucent’s customer service representatives to encourage them to transfer calls from customers who are in the process of moving, to the mover channel (a third party).

Alcatel-Lucent demonstrated excellence in several aspects of the execution of this program. They first conducted market research to understand the end-user market that their customers deal with. They then listened to their customers and determined what problems they were encountering in serving this market. Alcatel-Lucent then developed and implemented a plan that helps their customers be more successful in serving the end users in this market.

About the BMMA

The Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association is an international organization whose goal is to advance the adoption and use of broadband services by identifying key industry success factors and sharing best practice marketing and other industry information. Member companies include:

ACS Alaska
Actiontec Electronics
Afni, Inc.
Bell Aliant
Bell Canada
Cincinnati Bell
Consolidated Communications
GVTC Communications
Harrisonville Telephone
Hawaiian Telecom
InfoInterActive Corp
MTS Allstream
North State Communications
Research First Consulting
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TDS Telecom

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