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BMMA Announces Winners of 2020 Best in Class Marketing Awards - Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association

BMMA Announces Winners of 2020 Best in Class Marketing Awards

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GULFPORT, MS. (PRWEB) May 6, 2020

The Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) recently announced the winners of the 2020 Best in Class Marketing awards.

“Each year, the BMMA ( recognizes teams and companies that demonstrate innovation and excellence in marketing broadband services,’’ said Ellis Hill, President of ResearchFirst, Inc., the BMMA’s management firm. This year’s awards went to one service provider, Windstream, and three vendor companies, Calix, Actiontec, and F-Secure, each of which executed best in class marketing practices related to broadband products and services.”

The winners are:

1. Service Provider Marketing Award: Windstream ( “Windstream Kinetic Wi-Fi & Kinetic Secure Pack Launch”

Kinetic by Windstream launched a new Wi-Fi management platform in September 2019 called Kinetic Wi-Fi, available within the Windstream “MyWIN” mobile app and portal. The app gave customers enhanced control and access to Wi-Fi settings, passwords, speed tests, device usage, and support when using the Windstream dual-band wireless gateway.

Following this launch, in December 2019, Kinetic launched a new VAS bundle called “Kinetic Secure,” including Gateway IoT security as well as other VAS services, such as Identify Theft and Premium Technical Support.

Kinetic Secure features are also accessed within the Kinetic MyWIN app/portal in conjunction with Wi-Fi management. Subscribers to Kinetic Secure VAS packages see “premium” management functionality in the MyWIN app, such as parental controls, profile management, time limits, time “gifts”, content blocking and a companion “on the go” app that works when the customer is not connected to Kinetic Wi-Fi.

Kinetic Secure with Wi-Fi Management has introduced a functionality that is unique in the marketplace, including an all-inclusive experience with Wi-Fi management, IoT security, ID Theft protection, Premium Technical support and account management all from the same location (app or portal).

“With Kinetic Secure and our enhanced Wi-Fi management app, we’ve created something for our customers that gives them the power and control to have the best online experience possible. As the trusted provider for our customers, it’s our privilege to provide this special access and peace of mind online when subscribing to Kinetic service” says Brian Ragsdale, Director of Kinetic Product Management at Windstream.

The user experience in the app has received tremendous accolades from users due to its sleek and easy user interface. Simply put, Kinetic Wi-Fi and Kinetic Secure allow customers to manage, defend, secure and block when online and using devices within the connected home.

2. Vendor Marketing Award: Calix ( “Calix Revenue EDGE”

Calix Revenue EDGE is about transforming CSP business models. It is no longer enough to offer the fastest Internet speeds and the most advanced Wi-Fi. The Revenue EDGE is the industry’s only scalable application platform, designed to deliver managed services that delight subscribers and crush competitors.

“We are grateful to the BMMA for their continued support and are extremely proud that for the third consecutive year, a Calix marketing campaign dedicated to the success of our CSP partners, has been recognized,” said Matt Collins, Calix chief marketing officer. “All of our marketing efforts are informed by our customers. We are 100 percent invested in their success, learning from their input and experience. Everything created by our marketing team is designed with this objective in mind. Likewise, the Revenue EDGE solution exists to provide CSPs with opportunities to generate new sources of revenue and grow their businesses.”

The Revenue EDGE integrates real-time subscriber insights and new revenue-generating applications, such as network security and enhanced parental controls. At ConneXions, Calix also announced a new partnership with Samsung SmartThings, which will allow CSPs to manage connectivity to more than 1,500 certified devices from more than 120 partners around the world. Available toward the middle of 2020, this is another example of the power of the scalable application platform that is the Revenue EDGE. The Revenue EDGE campaign was kicked off on October 28, 2019, at ConneXions, Calix’s customer event, which took place in Las Vegas. The program campaign has been running since then.

The Revenue EDGE is designed for CSPs that are dealing with increased competition from non-traditional players (such as Google and Amazon) and the declining revenue that results. The campaign featured a variety of marketing content from fun, entertaining videos to white papers to reach multiple audiences.

3. Partnership Marketing Award: Actiontec, F-Secure, & Windstream (http://www.actiontec.com, & ) “Managed WiFi and Security Partnership”

Windstream, F-Secure, and Actiontec joined forces for their Managed Wi-Fi and Security Partnership, which resulted in the launch of a solution that provides consumers with comprehensive protection for connected homes while being easy enough to manage with a simple user-friendly app.

“Windstream’s worked with both F-Secure and Actiontec separately over the years. In 2019, we collaborated on a comprehensive solution for the problems facing consumers living in an increasingly connected world,” says Joe Johnson, vice president of Kinetic Product Development and Management at Windstream. “Working together, with each company having a unique role in the partnership, we delivered a solution that allows customers to enjoy the benefits of a connected home without sacrificing security.”

The partnership brought together the different companies’ unique expertise and resources: Actiontec’s expertise in router/gateway design, Wi-Fi and home network performance, and remote management tools; F-Secure’s expertise in cloud-based security, malware, parental controls, and connected home security; and Windstream’s communications and technology expertise in consumer markets, including customer insights and behavior.

The solution offered to Windstream customers, Kinetic Secure, integrates the security capabilities of F-Secure SENSE and Actiontec’s Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform into a single service delivered within Windstream’s own sleek and easy to use MyWIN mobile app.

According to Brian Murray, F-Secure’s Regional Head of Consumer Security for North America, the increasing number of internet-connected devices in people’s homes is putting pressure on companies to work together to find new ways of helping users protect themselves.

“The explosion of internet connected devices in homes has given cyber criminals more doors and windows into people’s lives. Companies need to work together to inform consumers about these risks and provide them with user-friendly solutions that make security a painless, practical choice,” says Murray. “Our partnership has delivered a solution that empowers individuals and families to take control of their digital homes, and we’re pleased with the BMMA award recognizing our work in communicating that.”

“We are thrilled to be honored by BMMA along with our close partners F-Secure and Windstream. As consumers add more and more devices to the connected home, there’s an urgent need to boost cyber security inside the home,” said Michael Gondar, director of strategic accounts at Actiontec. “Our partnership with F-Secure adds industry leading cyber security to Optim, enabling the home router to protect every device connected to it, including vulnerable IoT devices. And, we’re so proud to be working with Windstream on this initiative. They’ve been at the forefront of the mission to optimize the performance and security of home Wi-Fi.”

More information on F-Secure’s Connected Home Security solution for service providers is available here:

More information on Actiontec’s Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform is available here:

About the BMMA

The BMMA is an international organization dedicated to helping Telco internet service providers and their vendors advance the adoption and use of broadband services.

Our membership includes many of the key Telco and broadband vendor organizations in North America and is open to any broadband industry Telco service provider, vendor, CPE manufacturer, government agency, consultant, analyst, or other party with a demonstrated interest in promoting the mission of the BMMA.

Our goal is to advance the adoption and use of broadband services by identifying key industry success factors and sharing best practice marketing initiatives, new product and customer trends and other relevant industry information.

Please see our website at for more information or to apply for membership in the BMMA.

Executive Director: ResearchFirst, Inc. (

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