BMMA News – December 2009

December 12, 2009 – This BMMA News is courtesy of your marketing committee. We hold monthly calls to discuss strategic issues, but most of our activities are handled “off line”. New members are always welcome, so please contact Lisa LaBorde if you are interested in getting involved.

Topics in this issue:

BMMA discussion board

BMMA 2010 Annual Meeting and RFC’s Broadband Services 2010 Seminar

Budget reminders

Upcoming hot topic calls / meetings

BMMA discussion board

As part of the new BMMA website, we now have a discussion board that is open ONLY to current members of the BMMA. Visit the board, post new discussion topics and comments on others’ postings so that you may continue the networking and dialogue with your colleagues on an on-going basis.

Here’s how to access the board and control preferences:

Go to

Click on the “discussion board” tab.

Click on “register”

Click on “I agree to these terms” (assuming you do)

1] Control preferences

To increase the discussion board’s effectiveness, we are asking all members to “subscribe” to the General Discussion forum, which means you will receive email notifications of new topics that are posted. In order to subscribe, please do the following:

Click on “General Discussion”

Scroll down to bottom left. In the light blue box to the right of “Board Index”, click on “Subscribe forum”.

To receive email notifications of comments under each topic, you will need to subscribe to each topic that interest you.

2] To view / post / comment on discussions

Click on “General Discussion”

Click on any of the existing posted topics or click “New Topic” to create your own.

BMMA 2010 Annual Meeting and RFC’s Broadband Services 2010 Seminar

Be sure to register for the BMMA 2010 Annual Meeting will be heldMarch 1-2, 2010 in Newport Beach, CA at the Hyatt Newport Beach. This meeting is free (covered by membership dues) for up to two individuals from member companies  and will include roundtable discussions on current issues related to broadband services sales and marketing, an update on our industry benchmarking report, in addition to the presentation of Best in Class Awards and election of our 2010 Board of Directors. Our members have informed us that the discussions and networking at these events are extremely valuable. Be sure to join us!!

The Annual Meetingwill be followed by Research First Consulting’sBroadband Services 2010 Seminar (March 3-5, 2010), with in depth presentations on broadband issues from industry leaders in the service provider and vendor communities. Co-locating these events allows members to save on travel expenses while continuing the learning and networking throughout the week. Again this year, RFC is extending a $200 discount (online discount code = bmma200) to individuals from BMMA member companies.

Budget reminders

In the October edition of BMMA News, we identified potential 2010 BMMA expenses that you may wish to build into your budget.

Specifically regarding your BMMA 2010 dues, here are a few reminders:

§  Dues invoices will be emailed on January 4, 2010. If you would prefer that we invoice you early (this year) to use up existing budget, simply notify Lisa LaBorde.

§  Custom invoices – We will be happy to invoice you for any or all anticipated 2010 expenses if you wish to assure they are locked in to avoid budget restraints later next year. Some companies even request to be invoiced for multiple years’ dues. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Upcoming hot topic calls / meetings

Our monthly conference call roundtables are held every 4th Tuesday at 12 noon Central (1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific). This date may fluctuate some months as a result of holidays, so be sure to check for updates.  Invite other individuals from your company to attend these sessions.

Dec 15  The technology horizon – future trends and differentiation           

Jan 26  Leadership Roundtable Discussion:  What’s hot for broadband in 2010?

Feb 23 The competitive landscape/bundling – how BMMA member companies align / differentiate from an industry perspective.

March 1-2 BMMA Annual Meeting – Newport Beach, CA


Your BMMA Marketing Committee

Matt Apps, TDS Telecom 
Brett Cousins, SaskTel 
Lisa LaBorde, BMMA / RFC 
Dave Murphy, Hostopia 
Greg Owens, Alcatel-Lucent
Todd Price, Bell Aliant
Tom Zanoli, GVTC

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