BMMA News – Get the Most from your Membership

July 1, 2009 – In an effort to raise the awareness of the BMMA, the Marketing Committee is engaged in a number of activities, including working with you (the BMMA’s member companies) to ensure that you are getting the most from your membership.

Membership Has Its Privileges

Hot topic calls. It has come to our attention that some people do not know that you can invite colleagues from your organization to join the monthly Hot Topic calls. That’s right! Access to these calls is not limited to the two primary contacts from each company. In fact, we encourage wide-spread participation from your entire organization. This not only helps maximize the benefit that you get from the BMMA, but engaging additional people from our member companies contributes significantly to the ongoing awareness of the group. If you plan to invite colleagues to a Hot Topic call, you should:

–  Have each person who needs a dedicated line respond to the invite sent by Lisa LaBorde (so that we can start the call with a quick role call and that they will receive presentation decks in advance)

Fall Workshop. This is a members-only event. Any individual from a member company may join us for at Synacor’s facility for this meeting in Buffalo, NY September 15-17. Be sure to take advantage of the early bird registration savings. Look for a separate detailed correspondence soon.

Benchmarking. This has been one of our most successful projects. Data requests for this semi-annual report will go out this month. We encourage all service providers to participate. The Benchmarking Committee welcomes anyone who wishes to recommend changes or updates to the report. Contact Ellis Hill (205-995-8866) for details.

Spread the Word

In addition to the monthly Hot Topic calls, there are a few ways that you can keep other people in your organization involved with the BMMA:

– Schedule a “Lunch and Learn” session. Attached is a PowerPoint file that you can use to introduce your colleagues to the BMMA.

–  Work with your web department to create a “BMMA Landing Page” (e.g., to give more visibility to the BMMA and to show that your company supports such organizations. For an incredible sample, visit Attached is a Word template that you can use. The first section has been approved by the BMMA (so please do not alter it). Feel free to alter the text in the sections entitled “The [Company Name] Connection” and “The Inside Track”. These two sections are provided for illustration purposes only and should be tailored to your individual company.

–  Join our LinkedIn group “Friends of the BMMA”. To do this, invite Lisa LaBorde to join your network; she will then invite you to join this group. Going forward, the group will be used topromote BMMA Hot Topic calls, drive public discussions and push people to our web site for updates.

Of course we are always looking for new member companies as this benefits the entire organization. Spread the word to others whom you feel would be a good fit with this organization by sharing the BMMA Overview PowerPoint file with those individuals as well.

Speaking of the Web…

–  The new BMMA web site ( will launch next week. It will feature a new (and improved) look as well as a discussion board. Look for a separate communication once the new page is up and running.

The Marketing Committee holds monthly calls to discuss strategic issues, but most of our activities are handled “off line”. New members are always welcome, so please contact Lisa LaBorde if you are interested in getting involved.

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