BMMA News – May 2010

May 24, 2010 – This BMMA News is courtesy of your marketing committee. We hold monthly calls to discuss strategic issues, but most of our activities are handled “off line”. New members are always welcome, so please contact Lisa LaBorde if you are interested in getting involved.

Topics in this issue:

Benchmarking Report Update – Member Survey

BMMA 2010 Annual Meeting and RFC’s Broadband Services 2010 Seminar

New BMMA Board of Directors

New BMMA Member Companies

BMMA Announces Winners of 2010 Best in Class Marketing Awards

Upcoming Hot Topic Calls / Fall Workshop 

Benchmarking Report Update – Member Survey

The BMMA benchmarking committee (Brett Cousins, SaskTel – Chair; Scott Cumming, Telus; Jason Tennyson, TDS; Ellis Hill, BMMA; Lisa LaBorde, BMMA) has taken on the task of updating the current report and streamlining it. This will include redefining the existing speed tiers and reducing the number of data points. The goal is to make the report more relevant while making the data easier to gather so that we get more service providers to participate. We are asking that all service provider members complete a short survey that will be sent out to voting members the week of May 24. Thank you!

BMMA 2010 Annual Meeting and RFC’s Broadband Services 2010 Seminar

The BMMA 2010 Annual Meeting was recently held from March 1-2 in Newport Beach, CAat the Hyatt Newport Beach. The two-day event included roundtable discussions on customer service and broadband usage, presentations from the winners of the 2010 Best in Class Marketing Awards (more details below), an update on our industry benchmarking report, and the election of our 2010 Board of Directors (more details below).

Immediately following the Annual Meeting was RFC’s Broadband Services 2010 Seminar, organized by Research First Consulting (March 3-5). The 39 attendees, representing the service provider and vendor communities, enjoyed in-depth presentations on strategies for marketing the value of increased upload speeds with VDSL, fiber to the home (FTTH), self-installation, over-the-top (OTT) video, and the connected home. Other topics included usage-based billing for broadband, blending safety, security and support services, a security update, challenges for attaining 100% broadband coverage, the implications of social networking, an introduction to cloud computing, and how to leverage applications to increase ARPU.

New BMMA Board of Directors

The BMMA Board of Directors for 2010-2011, elected at the Annual Meeting held in Newport Beach, CA includes:

·         Eric Wolbach of AT&T, Co-Chair

·         John Walsh of Bell Aliant, Co-Chair

·         Al Hewett of Bell Canada, Treasurer

·         Brett Cousins of SaskTel, Secretary

·         Michael Gondar of ActionTec, BoD Member At Large

·         Shane Kaatz of TDS Telecom, BoD Member At Large

·         Greg Owens of Alcatel-Lucent, BoD Member At Large

We would also like to thank the outgoing members of the BMMA BoD — Brian Farley of MTS Allstream, Wendy Kirkpatrick of CenturyLink, and Larry McClanahan of Cincinnati Bell — for their valuable contributions and ongoing commitment to the organization. During their respective terms, their dedication and leadership contributed significantly to the success of the BMMA.

New BMMA Member Companies

Please join us in welcoming the BMMA’s newest member companies, TBayTel and teleNetwork.

As a leading telecommunications provider in Northern Ontario, TBayTel is dedicated to delivering advanced, competitively priced telecom solutions that ensure people, businesses and communities of Northern Ontario have multiple points of access to the global communications highway. TBayTel offers the region’s largest digital cellular coverage with extensive products and services that include data, voice, wireless, internet and security. Lorene Rego, an Internet Product Marketing Specialist, and Andrew Edwards, a Product Marketing Specialist, both attended the BMMA Annual Meeting and Broadband Services Seminar in Newport Beach, CA.

teleNetwork is a leading provider of outsourced technical support services and help desk solutions for industry leaders in telecommunications including ILECs, wireless carriers, and cable MSOs. teleNetwork has been recognized by Boardwatch magazine for providing “Excellence in Customer Service,” with over 25,000,000 end users. teleNetwork services are leveraged to improve customer experience while reducing operational costs. By partnering with teleNetwork, broadband service providers have increased ARPU, decreased churn, and improved customer satisfaction. Gabe Kenyon is their Vice President of Sales, and Jessy Riley is their Director of Sales and Marketing.

BMMA Announces Winners of 2010 Best in Class Marketing Awards

The winners of the 2010 Best in Class Marketing Awards were announced at the recent Annual General meeting, held in Newport Beach, CA. The Marketing Innovation Awards go to the service provider and vendor companies that best display innovation in broadband product marketing theory, practice or operations. The Marketing Excellence Awards are presented to the service provider and vendor companies that best display excellence in the field of broadband marketing execution. And the 2010 winners are:

Marketing Innovation Award – Vendor (Hostopia)

For: Mass Mail Migration Product (SNAP)

SNAP is a new technology developed and deployed by Hostopia (www. that helps service providers migrate email users without the risks of service interruption, email content errors and the end-user churn that can result from these problems.

Hostopia has used SNAP to successfully migrate over 400,000 email users from a variety of legacy email platforms operated by to Hostopia’s EasyMail platform, featuring WebMail 6.0. Hostopia is currently in discussions with a number of other large service providers to migrate their email platforms using SNAP.

Marketing Innovation Award – Service Provider (Bell Canada)

For: Usage-Based Billing Awareness Campaign

In an effort to increase customer awareness of usage-based billing (UBB), Bell Canadalaunched an Internet microsite called “My Internet usage” ( The site features tutorials that explain the concept of usage, bandwidth estimation tools, an Internet usage tracker that monitors current and past usage, the ability to sign-up for email-based notifications when consumers are near their usage allowance, details on Bell Canada’s various high-speed Internet packages and an extensive Q&A document with answers to common questions around usage.

Since launching the microsite in 2009, consumers have made it one of the most visited areas of Bell Canada’s web site. In addition to providing customers with relevant on-line tools to manage their own usage, Bell has also proactively communicated to customers that are likely to be impacted by usage-based billing. The communication provided each customer with clear information about their usage history and how they were trending. It is Bell’s goal to provide a positive usage experience and to ensure flexibility in our customer offering to accommodate individual and household changing usage needs.

Marketing Excellence Award – Service Provider (GVTC)

For: 40 Mbps FTTH Product Launch

GVTC Communications ( markets voice, broadband, cable television and security monitoring to a customer base spanning 2,000 square miles, in 11 counties across North San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country and Southeast Texas. GVTC is currently in the midst of a five-year, $35 million project to upgrade its copper and coaxial network to a state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) system. When the upgrade is complete, more than half of GVTC’s customer base will be connected to its fiber network — further positioning GVTC as the dominant FTTH provider in the area.

The FTTH upgrade provides GVTC with a unique marketing opportunity. The fiber upgrade enables many customers, for the first time, to receive all four of GVTC’s core products: voice, broadband, cable television and security monitoring. To capitalize on this important revenue-generating opportunity, GVTC’s sales and marketing team was tasked with maximizing its take rate, increasing its market penetration and fending-off competition from Fortune 50 competitors.

An additional marketing opportunity developed in December of 2009 when GVTC leveraged its FTTH network to rollout a 40 Mbps Internet product — the fastest available in South Texas. The marketing team capitalized on this competitive advantage by enhancing its overall marketing campaign and generating media coverage about the launch to produce immediate sales for this new product.

In 2009, GVTC exceeded its sales goals with a multi-faceted marketing strategy that reinforced brand awareness while creating consumer demand for products made available through the FTTH expansion and the 40 Mbps rollout. The result was a year of steady growth across all product segments — particularly in broadband — during an economy in which many companies experienced flat or declining revenues.

Marketing Excellence Award (Vendor) — Occam Networks

For: Broadband Stimulus Package Microsite

Occam Networks’ Broadband Stimulus Plan (BSP) Microsite is a branch of Occam Networks’ corporate website designed to provide service providers with information to help understand and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing and, at times, confusing Broadband Stimulus Plan. The BSP Microsite ( was established and maintained by a multi-disciplinary team to aid service providers in need of help to prepare for, and act on, responding to the two Notices of Funds Availability (NOFAs) to date. This team includes Occam expertise in key areas including system engineering, legal, marketing and sales.

Seeing the plethora of information and details that were made available in regards to the Broadband Stimulus application and funding activities, Occam Networks established the BSP Microsite as a one-stop shop for the most relevant Broadband Stimulus resources in an easy-to-find, easy-to-navigate microsite. These resources include podcasts, a blog, breaking news, regulatory consulting, FAQs, and webinars.

Upcoming Hot Topic Calls / Fall Workshop

Our monthly conference call roundtables are held every 4th Tuesday at 12 noon Central (1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific). This date may fluctuate some months as a result of holidays, so be sure to check for updates.  Invite other individuals from your company to attend these sessions.

June 22            Broadband usage issues

July 27             Premium technical support – benefits and revenue potential

August 24         LTE impact on the evolution of DSL and fiber services

Sept 16-17        BMMA Fall Workshop – Hosted by TDS Telecom in Madison, WI

Click here for our full year schedule.


Your BMMA Marketing Committee

Matt Apps, TDS Telecom 
Brett Cousins, SaskTel 
Lisa LaBorde, BMMA / RFC 
Sophia Ahmed, Hostopia 
Greg Owens, Alcatel-Lucent
Juan Vela, Occam Networks
Tom Zanoli, GVTC

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