BMMA News – May 2011

May 12, 2011 – This BMMA News is courtesy of your marketing committee. We hold monthly calls to discuss strategic issues, but most of our activities are handled “off line”. New members are always welcome, so please contact Lisa LaBorde if you are interested in getting involved.Topics in this issue:Announcing the BMMA 2011 Fall Workshop – hosted by TELUS – Sept 14-16May 24 Hot Topic Call2011 Annual Meeting Highlights2011 Board of Directors ElectionBMMA 2011 Best in Class Marketing AwardsAnnouncing the BMMA 2011 Fall Workshop – hosted by TELUS Welcome and networking reception: Wednesday, September 14
Meetings: Thursday, September 15 through Friday September 16 (2PM) 
Networking activities: Friday afternoon
Location:  TELUS in Vancouver, BC.
Registration fee: $500 ($600 after August 1) – Vancouver is a place not to miss! Submit for travel approval now. We can invoice early!
– US members – remember to get your passport in order
– Hotel and agenda details will be posted by early June… May 24 Hot Topic CallHot topic: Subscriber Applications Drive Revenue, Loyalty New standards-compliant middleware unifies the development, deployment, management and optimization for multiple applicationsDiscussion leader: David Foote, CTO, Hitachi Communication Technologies America, Inc.Dial-in details:  Please send a request to Ellis Hill.
Status:              Members only
Date:                  Tuesday, May 24, 2011 
Start time:        12:00 PM CDT (10AM PDT, 11AM CST. 1PM EDT)Summary: A new generation of applications delivery platform is gaining momentum, operating on wireline or wireless networks – or both – and enabling compelling applications that provide utility in the home, from home monitoring to media management to telehealth applications.  The applications are the products of multiple developers and organizations, and the existence of a unifying platform is essential to make the deployment process efficient. The potential scale and variety of applications is similar to the apps available for Android and iPhone devices, but instead of requiring separate development effort for each platform, this new class of middleware provides a “Write once, run anywhere” advantage that greatly simplifies implementation of a wide variety of applicationsApplications typically can operate via subscribers’ existing home gateways and other devices such as plug computers.This webinar will discuss this new type of ecosystem and how it enables developers to design applications and services that service providers can quickly bring to market and subsequently update “on the fly” without affecting the subscriber device. At the core of this applications environment is the OSGiTM Service Platform, a set of standards developed and published by the OSGi Alliance ( Annual Meeting Highlights The BMMA Annual Meeting was held from March 7-9 in Atlantic Beach, FL. The meeting was kicked off by Co-Chair Eric Wolbach of AT&T who presented the State of the BMMA . Eric reviewed the 2010 objectives and accomplishments, which emphasized the continued value we wish to bring to our members, as well as key discussion topics covered over the course of the year, and 2011 objectives. Nominations were then taken from the floor for the 2011 Board of Directors election. This was followed by updates from the following committees: Membership (Shane Kaatz), Marketing (Lisa LaBorde for Greg Owns), Benchmarking (Brett Cousins) and Best in Class Awards (Matt Apps). We encourage anyone interested in participating on one of these committees to contact Lisa LaBorde. They provide an excellent opportunity to provide input to the direction of the BMMA and to network with your peers throughout the year.The AGM continued with a roundtable discussion of potential topics to be covered in 2011 during our monthly calls and at the Fall Workshop. We have taken your comments and formed a draft full year plan, which the Board will review next week. This will be published by early June.We ended Day One with presentations from two of our Marketing Innovation Best in Class Award winners: Kate Baillie of TELUS; and Daniel Leahr of Actiontec . Additional Best in Class presentations were given the next day for our two Marketing Excellence awards: Janet Sczech of GVTC, and Bill Begy of Synacor. And our first ever Marketing Partnership award winners – Eric CaPaul of TDS Telecom and Michael Gondar of Actiontec – presented on their program. See details of all winners’ programs later in this newsletter.On Day 2 we began with a roundtable discussion led by Thomas Hayes of teleNetwork covering Premium Tech Support, which included brainstorming to uncover top opportunities to sell PTS. This was followed by a roundtable led by Ellis Hill on Monetizing the Networks via Capabilities & New Business Models. Issues raised included: investments in Facebook presence for customer engagement, becoming mobile friendly, and looking for opportunities in self-service, Twitter, Groupon, chat, and YouTube. During our benchmarking discussion, committee Chair Brett Cousins reviewed the current status of the benchmarking report and sought feedback on what the membership would like to benchmark. The committee has taken this feedback and this week launched a survey, which went to the two voting members from each service provider company covering: PTS, backup services, antivirus services and video services. In addition, the benchmarking report template has been streamlined and sent out to the service provider companies this week. Detailed results will be shared with participating companies, and highlights will be presented at the Fall Workshop.Most BMMA members stayed for the second half of the week to attend the ResearchFirst Broadband Services 2011 seminar. Topics included fiber updates, delivery enterprise grade security for residential customers, maximizing ARPU, repair operations, next generation portals, managing internet access devices, customer experience management and broadband market research. We had an unexpected pleasure when Alan Mcnaughtan of Bell Canada jumped in to share an update on broadband usage issues, which was well received by attendees.For more information about the AGM, contact Lisa LaBorde.2011 Board of Directors Election The 2011 Board of Directors election was held in March at the Annual Meeting in Atlantic Beach. We are proud to share our new Board with you, and encourage you to communicate with them regarding the direction you would like the BMMA to take. Co-chair                               Kate Baillie, TELUS
Co-chair                               Shane Kaatz, TDS Telecom
Treasurer                            Jack Yovanovich, Frontier Communications
Secretary                             Andres Tovar, Cincinnati Bell
Director                                Michael Gondar, Actiontec
Director                                Janet Sczech, GVTC
Director                                Brett Cousins, Sasktel
Executive Director           Ellis Hill, ResearchFirst, Inc. We thank our out-going board for its outstanding leadership this past year: Eric Wolbach, AT&T; John Walsh, Bell Aliant; Al Hewett, Bell Canada; Brett Cousins, Sasktel, Michael Gondar, Actiontec; Greg Owens, Alcatel-Lucent; and Shane Kaatz, TDS Telecom.BMMA 2011 Best in Class Marketing Awards The BMMA announced the winners of the 2011 Best in Class Marketing awards during the Annual Meeting in Atlantic Beach. The Marketing Innovation Awards go to the service provider and vendor companies that best display innovation in broadband product marketing theory, practice or operations. The Marketing Excellence Awards are presented to the service provider and vendor companies that best display excellence in the field of broadband marketing execution. The Marketing Partner Awards are presented to a partnership of two or more members that best display teamwork on a marketing initiative. And the winners are:1] Marketing Innovation Award (Vendor): ActiontecFor: MI424WR Wireless Broadband Router Winner of the Marketing Innovation Award, Actiontec’s MI424WR Wireless Broadband Router is the centerpiece of the next-generation FTTX digital home. It is the first device to feature a dual-core, 64-bit processor that allows it to support home networking speeds up to 1 Gbps and enables broadband HDTV and other content to be distributed to multiple devices in the home over coaxial cable. 

By bundling fiber-optic Internet and fiber-optic TV, along with a broad range of connectivity options (wireless, Ethernet, coax), into a single box, the MI424WR broadband router offers a seamless entertainment and communication experience throughout all parts of the home network2] Marketing Innovation Award (Service Provider): TELUSFor: TELUS Optik Internet™ Winner of the Marketing Innovation Award, TELUS Optik Internet™ demonstrates TELUS’s focus on bundling via interoperability and leadership, rather than just price initiatives. In 2010 TELUS introduced Optik TV™ and Internet services based on the Microsoft® Mediaroom™ platform. This platform provided TELUS with the opportunity to introduce a global first: On August 4, TELUS and Microsoft enabled the Xbox® 360 to serve as a digital set-top box for TELUS Optik TV™ service. The Microsoft Mediaroom software that powers Optik TV™ supports delivery of Optik TV™ to the Xbox® 360, providing greater functionality for watching television anywhere in the home as well as all the gaming benefits customers already know. TELUS offered a free Xbox® 360 when customers signed up for TELUS Optik Internet™ on a two year term. The free Xbox® offer provided a great opportunity for TELUS to show customers how bundling their services can provide them with improved functionality, simplicity and savings. The Xbox brings the home entertainment experience together, supporting the product interoperability and bundling story.3] Marketing Excellence Award (Vendor): SynacorFor: Synacor’s TV Everywhere Solution Winner of the Marketing Excellence Award, Synacor’s TV Everywhere Solution builds entertainment services and powers the authentication and authorization of exclusive content for telecom providers, cable operators, and programmers. The rules engine infrastructure integrates with customer billing and channel line-up systems to allow entitled customers the opportunity to view authenticated content wherever, whenever they desire. Synacor’s TV Everywhere initiative addresses the shift in media consumption habits that significantly impact the entertainment and media industries. 

Whereas the TV Everywhere concept has become a popular buzzword in the media, few companies have actually launched online portals with entitled subscription-based content. For the first time ever, with Synacor’s solution, customers who pay for active television subscriptions are granted access to the same content online, allowing them the freedom to enjoy their favorite entertainment content outside of the living room. This solution ensures that online content is viewed by paying subscribers, enabling television operators to keep up with the changing media landscape. Importantly, Synacor’s solution allows content to be viewed via a central platform, which gives users a singular point of integration. “We are honored to receive the Marketing Excellence Award for our work on TV Everywhere, an initiative we believe to be transforming the telecommunication and media industries,” said National Sales Director, Bill Begy. “We will continue to work with our Partners, who are an integral part of this endeavor, to ensure we realize the full potential this effort has to offer.”4] Marketing Excellence Award (Service Provider): GVTCFor: GVTC Total Home Networking Product Launch Campaign In March 2010, GVTC introduced the Total Home Networking solution, as a managed service for both business and residential customers. This solution was designed to assist in the connection of multiple computers and electronic devices over a shared, single high-speed Internet connection. This solution compliments GVTC’s broadband services, especially its 40 Mbps broadband service – the fastest broadband speed available in South Texas. It offers a simple connection for all wireless devices and is expertly installed with a managed router by a certified and trained GVTC technician. To drive awareness and increase sales, an integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy was introduced to promote and advertise GVTC’s newest offering. Multi-channel marketing tactics included: online Web enhancements; press releases and social media; celebrity endorsements (radio); e-mail marketing; billboards; direct mail; bill messages; marquee messages; and sales team contests.5] Marketing Partnership Award: Actiontec and TDS TelecomFor: VDSL2 Broadband Internet Development & Deployment Actiontec and TDS Telecom were recognized for their collaboration in the marketing of TDS’ new premium VDSL2 service. This new service meets the needs of an increasingly sophisticated broadband consumer, by boosting service speeds to 25 Mbps download/5 Mbps upload. Specifically, the two companies collaborated around Actiontec’s V1000H Wireless N VDSL2 Modem Router. This high performance residential router powers faster speeds, enhanced in-home networking options, while also ensuring interoperability with TDS’ existing network.Actiontec’s Lesley Kirchman and Erik CaPaul, Broadband Product Manager at TDS Telecom, received the award at the BMMA Annual Meeting and gave a presentation on their companies’ close collaboration in product development, product testing and interoperability, product deployment, and road map. “Close collaboration with equipment suppliers helps lay the foundation for successful service deployments. In this case, our long-term relationship with Actiontec results in a seamless roll-out and robust service performance. The router’s enhanced feature set gives our customers a compelling reason to upgrade to faster broadband service,” said CaPaul.Sincerely,Your BMMA Marketing CommitteeJanet Sczech, GVTC – Chair
Sophia Ahmed, Hostopia 
Matt Apps, TDS Telecom 
Brett Cousins, SaskTel 
Lisa LaBorde, BMMA
Dianna Linton, MTS Allstream
Greg Owens, Alcatel-Lucent
Jack Smith, North State Communications
Juan Vela, Calix
Tom Zanoli,

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