BMMA News – October 2011

October 10, 2011 – This BMMA News is courtesy of your marketing committee. We hold regular calls to discuss strategic issues, but most of our activities are handled “off line.” New committee members are always welcome, so please contact Janet Sczech (Committee Chair) if you wish to be involved.

Topics in this issue:

BMMA 2012 Annual Meeting Update

BMMA in your 2012 Budget

2011 Fall Workshop Highlights

October 25 Hot Topic Call:  Anticipate & Optimize the Complete Customer Experience

BMMA 2012 Best in Class Marketing Awards

Support our Q4 New Member Initiative

Benchmarking Update

BMMA 2012 Annual Meeting Update

–     We are targeting the week of March 19, 2012 (albeit not yet final). Hotel details are being finalized now and will be published as soon as possible.

–     The Annual Meeting will be held on Monday and Tuesday. Plan to stay for the ResearchFirst Broadband Services 2012 seminar Wednesday through Friday of the same week. As usual ResearchFirst will extend a $200 discount to BMMA members wishing to attend the Broadband Services seminar.

–     The agenda will include presentations from the winners of our 2012 Best in Class Awards in addition to roundtables on key broadband marketing and product development issues. Be sure to submit a nomination for your program by February 14. Self nominations are strongly encouraged!

–     Your 2012 Annual Dues will cover registration fees for up to 2 individuals from each member company to attend the Annual Meeting. Additional attendees will have a minimal registration fee to cover expenses.

–     Sponsorship opportunities will be available.

BMMA in your 2012 Budget

As many are now entrenched in budget activities, we remind you that the BMMA will work with you on flexible budgeting solutions for 2012, including the ability to invoice in advance for any anticipated 2012 expenses (e.g., lock in funds and avoid budget restraints later in the year).

Please remember to budget for:

·         2012 membership dues. Invoices for 2012 membership dues will be emailed on January 3. Click here or contact Lisa LaBorde for more information on our dues structure. If you would like to be invoiced early to use up existing budget, simply notify Lisa LaBorde.

·         BMMA Annual Meeting and ResearchFirst’s Broadband Services 2012 Seminar (mid March 2012). Registration for the AGM is free for up to two individuals from each member company ($500 fee for additional attendees). Registration for the Seminar is US$1,295 ($1,695 – $200 early registration – $200 BMMA member discount). These events will be co-located to minimize your travel expenses. Broadband connectivity will be arranged in the meeting room so that you may stay connected as needed.

·         BMMA Fall Workshop (date & location TBD). Registration is typically $500 per person. Ask us about invoicing in advance to assure you avoid year end budget or travel restrictions. This event is typically hosted by a member company in September or October. Look for our proposal request soon.

·         Sponsorships opportunities. A variety of sponsorships are available for our events. Contact Ellis Hill for details.

2011 Fall Workshop Highlights

The BMMA Fall Workshop last month in Vancouver, BC was a huge success! A BIG thank you to TELUS for hosting! The meeting was kicked off by Co-Chair Kate Baillie of TELUS who presented the State of the BMMA. Kate reviewed our 2011 objectives and accomplishments, which emphasized the continued value and recognition we wish to bring to our members through meetings, conference calls, reports, awards and growing the organization.

Janet Sczech (GVTC) provided an update on Marketing Committee activities, and Matt Apps (TDS Telecom) on Membership Committee activities, including the recent addition of Kindsight, our newest member. We welcome Brian Pratt and Brendan Ziolo of Kindsight to the BMMA! Anyone interested in participating on a committee should contact Lisa LaBorde. Committees offer an excellent opportunity to network with your peers throughout the year and to influence the direction of the BMMA.

Sponsors make it happen… Sponsor contributions allow us to put on quality events for you. We thank our Fall Workshop sponsors for these wonderful events: the Great Camera Caper (Actiontec), the Wednesday evening Welcome Reception (Actiontec and Hostopia), and our Thursday evening dinner cruise

Jason Tennyson, Product Manager for Consumer Cloud Applications & Value Added Services at Cincinnati Bell, kicked off our Day One roundtables by leading the discussion on Cloud Computing, a buzz phrase for services you already provide. Consumers don’t care about “the cloud” per se, rather about cloud features: ease of use, service availability, speed, safety and security, and redundancy.  Regarding usage, top applications are: email (webmail), shopping, news, navigation/maps, social networking, auctions, online games and videos/movies. Some capabilities that service providers can bring include access, security (authentication), and an enhanced customer experience. This is a fast growing industry with traditional companies like Google, Apple and Amazon leveraging their consumer base. Netflix recently releasedhow fast they can deliver HD streams to customers on each U.S. and Canadian ISP.

Sahir Said, Practice Director for Pace Americas, led our roundtable on Digital Home Evolution. Telco broadband providers have a wealth of actionable customer intelligence readily accessible to them through their device management solutions. The ACS (Auto Configuration Server) helps manage configuration and troubleshooting of complex subscriber home network using the TR-069 Protocol, enabling service providers to support HSI, VoIP and IPTV simultaneously. ACS is primarily used for customer care reduction and could be used for self service. It will not deflect a call; however, it will talk to a gateway and does a scan of that individual before the agent picks up the phone. Only problem areas are presented to the agent. More than 8 billion devices will be connected on home networks by the end of 2015. With broadband growth flattening, customer experience is critical to reduce churn.

Ellis Hill, BMMA Executive Director and President of ResearchFirst, led our Benchmarking discussion covering: total penetration, penetration by technology (DSL, fiber, dry loop), penetration by speed (Low, Med, High & Ultra-high Speed), churn (total, controllable, uncontrollable, non-pay disconnects), and a speed chart. Ellis also reviewed results from our June member survey, which covered service provider offers of premium tech support, antivirus solutions, hosted backup services and TV Service.  A request was made to add consumer ARPU to the report, and a number of companies agreed this would be do-able and valuable. A benchmarking committee meeting will be held soon to hammer out definitions. We welcome other ideas or requests.

On Day 2, Mark Charles, Manager of MTS TV Product Development and Programming, led our discussion on Video Trends, Opportunities and Challenges. MTS launched TV services in 2003 and therefore has deep experience with associated technologies and customer experience issues. Regarding applications, there is a need for consistency across carriers rather than each doing one offs. Mobile video issues are numerous, including content negotiations, devices, and head end costs. Third party hardware solutions such as Slingbox may be preferred where the service provider improves the overall customer experience. OTT is a significantly growing space. Customers want it and will pay for it. So far there is little loss of customers cutting the cord; it is seen as a complementary service as the likes of Netflix and Hulu do not have the content. Over time this may change although large distributors which own the content don’t want to see those business models erode.

Jim Guillet, Senior Director of Products and Solutions Marketing (Networks) for Alcatel‐Lucent, led our final roundtable discussion on Broadband Usage and Innovative Service Models. The explosive growth of Netflix and other OTT video services has exposed the fundamental limitations of unlimited, best effort, oversubscribed data usage plans. Jim discussed options for service providers to perform more intelligent service metering and personalization while exploring revenue generating opportunities, either in partnership with OTT providers or with their own services. Attendees discussed how overages are currently dealt with as well as challenges such as billing or regulatory issues. Usage per se is not a net neutrality issue; however a cost per application would be considered so.

Detailed meeting minutes will be available soon from Lisa LaBorde.

October 25 Hot Topic Call: Anticipate & Optimize the Complete Customer Experience

Our monthly conference call roundtables are held every 4th Tuesday at 2 PM Central (12 PM Pacific, 3 PM Eastern). Be sure to invite other individuals from your company to attend these sessions.  View full year schedule.

October Discussion leader: Ben Geller, Sr. Director Marketing, Customer Experience Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent

Summary: During this call, Ben will:

–  Share some recent trends in the area of CEM

–  Reveal why Alcatel-Lucent thinks that customer experience has “suddenly” become an important issue for CSPs around the world

–  Discuss the importance of customer experience and loyalty as opportunities for service providers to differentiate

Abstract and discussion leader biography

Dial-in details:  Please send a request to Lisa LaBorde (email invitations will go out this week)
Status:              Members only call
                 Tuesday, October 25, 2011 
New Start time:  2:00 PM CDT (12PM PDT, 1PM CST. 3PM EDT)
Duration  :          1 hour 

BMMA 2012 Best in Class Marketing Awards

Nominations for the 2012 BMMA Best in Class Marketing awards are now being accepted, with submissions due by February 14, 2012. First introduced in 2008, these awards recognize individuals or teams that demonstrate broadband marketing innovation, excellence or partnership. Award recipients will be announced at the 2012 Annual General Meeting and will be asked to present their programs.


·         Marketing Innovation: awarded to the service provider and vendor that best display leading edge product or service development, practice or operations;

·         Marketing Excellence: awarded to the service provider and vendor that best display superiority in the field of marketing as it relates to execution (e.g., promotional activity, advertising, new product introduction, etc.); and

·         Marketing Partnership: awarded to two or more members that have successfully implemented a marketing program to serve the needs of their mutual customers (e.g., what might be done with an equipment vendor and a service provider).

These awards bring value to our members through:

·         Peer recognition (within the BMMA and one’s own organization)

·         Ability to claim your product/service “Award Winning” in the public domain

·         Provide the opportunity to other members to learn more about industry best practices

Support our Q4 New Member Initiative

As a BMMA member, you gain value by having more members. Please help us do so by sharing our Q4 promotion with at least one potential new member, and include your personal endorsement of the association.

Q4 promo summary:  Join the BMMA for 2012 by December 1st and enjoy:

– FREE membership in Q4 2011
– $500 discount off 2012 membership dues
– Low annual dues for smaller telcos (< 50K HSI subs)

Here are some tools to help:

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Benchmarking Update

–     Detailed results from our latest report were emailed in July to participating companies with highlights presented last month during the Fall Workshop in Vancouver.

–     Service Provider members should look for our next data request in the coming month, highlights of which will be presented in March at the Annual Meeting.

–     A request was made to add ARPU to the report.

–     A Benchmarking committee conference call will be held in the next two weeks. If you are interested in participating to drive the direction of this report, contact Lisa LaBorde.

–     The BMMA philosophy (“you get what you give”) dictates that detailed results are shared with participating companies, and highlights are presented to the entire group at our face to face meetings.  Therefore, we encourage ALL of our service provider members to participate in order to get the full benefit from this report.

Your BMMA Marketing Committee,

Janet Sczech, GVTC – Committee Chair
Sophia Ahmed, Hostopia 
Matt Apps, TDS Telecom 
Brett Cousins, SaskTel 
Lisa LaBorde, BMMA
Dianna Linton, MTS Allstream
Greg Owens, Alcatel-Lucent
Jack Smith, North State Communications
Juan Vela, Calix
Tom Zanoli, GVTC

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