We invite professionals from all across the telco broadband industry to pick and join a BMMA committee. To date, we have established seven committees to make the BMMA stronger for its members. You can learn more about these below. Your responsibilities will be minimal, but the rewards are significant. Being part of a committee is a fantastic way to earn recognition and exposure for your hard work, while ensuring you get the maximum value of your membership. Your job as a committee leader will involve giving direction to the Executive Director, who will hear and implement your recommendations in line with board approval. To learn how you can join a BMMA committee today, please reach out to Stan Romero.


The ability to network with peers who face the same day-to-day challenges and successes surrounding products, competition, and customer needs is extremely beneficial. These learnings and validations allow TDS to accelerate our initiatives in this fast-paced industry. These resources and peer connections may not have been possible without the help of the BMMA.
Casey Thompson - TDS
Calix is proud to support the BMMA and its ongoing commitment to providing members with information about industry trends, market conditions, and the challenges and opportunities presented by our industry,” added Greg Owens, Product Marketing Director at Calix. “After more than 20 years in the telecommunications sector, I can confirm that few industry organizations deliver the benefits that Calix reaps from our involvement with the BMMA. I am honored to be re-elected to a second consecutive one-year term to the Board.
Greg Owens – Calix