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Internet of Things (IoT) Committee - Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association

Internet of Things (IoT) Committee

Internet of Things (IoT) Committee:

Chair: Mick Chambers, Windstream

Committee members: 

  • Chris Benzinger, Cincinnati Bell
  • Matty Howard, Calix
  • Brandon Laufenberg, TDS
  • Roger Lewis, GVTC
  • Brian Murray, F-Secure
  • Patrick Moreno, Zyxel
  • Kody Nash, MTA
  • Derrick Nichols, Windstream
  • Conor Steadman, F-Secure
  • Stan Romero, BMMA Staff

Goal: To identify and drive the execution of activities and actions in which the BMMA can engage to assist the BMMA Membership in the development and growth of the IoT Market and their role in this market.

Committee members:

  • Identify the market needs, opportunities and obstacles to be investigated as well as the BMMA’s role in the development of these opportunities
  • Develop a plan of action to take advantage of these opportunities
  • Determine budget and set goals to execute the plan
  • Assist with reporting on progress at BMMA face-to-face meetings

The Executive Director will:

  • Execute the committee’s recommendations
  • Report on results at BMMA face-to-face meetings