Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee:

Chair: Vacant

Committee members:

  • Jonathan Babbitt, MTA
  • Allison Brausen, Calix
  • Joe Johnson, Windstream
  • Jake Sailana, Zyxel
  • Lauren Roux, BMMA Staff

Goal: To improve the marketing of the association, both to potential, new member companies, and to additional individuals within existing member companies.

Committee members:

  • Identify the opportunities and obstacles to be investigated
  • Determine budget and set goals to include:
  • Encourage promotion of the BMMA within one’s company (individuals from member companies to work on their successors).
  • Create sessions and materials to spread the word.
  • Gather and use testimonials.
  • Recommend updates to the BMMA website
  • Report out at Annual meeting.

The Executive Director will:

  • Execute the committee’s recommendations.
  • Report on results at the Annual meeting.