Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Chair: Greg Owens, Calix

Committee members:

  • Brian Murray, F-Secure
  • Jonathan Babbitt, MTA
  • Casey Thompson, TDS
  • Kris Voelker, HTC
  • Stan Romero, BMMA Staff

Goal: To increase the awareness of the BMMA as an effective tool for broadband service providers and vendors, and as a result, to increase service provider and vendor membership.

Committee members oversee all BMMA membership activities, including:

  • Identify potential new members
  • Supervise the recruitment of new members
  • Approve membership applications
  • Recommend new membership dues to the BMMA.

The Executive Director is responsible for:

  • Actively recruiting new members
  • Collecting membership applications from prospective new members
  • Submitting applications for membership to the Membership Committee for approval
  • Formally welcoming each new member company.