Research Committee

Research Committee:

Chair: Currently Vacant

Committee members:

  • Bob Donkis, Frontier
  • Craig Hern, Harrisonville Tel
  • Kris Voelker, Harrisonville Tel
  • Takemi Nakasone, Hawaiian Tel
  • Warren Trochimchuk, Tbaytel
  • Tom Vitt, HTC
  • Stan Romero, BMMA Staff
  • Lauren Roux, BMMA Staff
  • Margaret Raines, BMMA Staff

Goal: To drive and oversee market research that will be delivered to the membership at no charge as an additional benefit. The research will consist of two types:

  1. Internal – where we continue to poll the BMMA membership on a variety of issues as we have done in the past (e.g. modems, WiFi, etc.)
  2. External – we will survey outside of the membership (consumers, SMB, etc) on broadband service related issues agreed to by the committee.

Results from both types of research will be shared with participating companies and at our face-to-face meetings.

Committee members will:

  • Identify research that the BMMA membership would value.
  • Provide input and edits to surveys prior to implementation.
  • Participate in reporting on results at our Annual Meeting.

The Executive Director will:

  • Provide support to the committee primarily by drafting, editing, coding and executing surveys
  • Providing expert Market Research methodology and analysis guidance to the committee
  • Collecting survey results, performing data analysis and producing reports
  • Report on year end results at the Annual Meeting and Fall Workshop