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Membership - Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association


In line with our mission to convene broadband marketing professionals and grow together, we are always on the lookout for new members. Those who join should have an interest in the development and market expansion of Telco Broadband Services on a local and international level. Our growing family includes a variety of members all across the industry, including any service provider, vendor, CPE manufacturer, government agency, consultant, analyst, or anyone else interested in promoting our mission and vision at the BMMA. We are here to advance broadband, together.

If you are interested in joining us and you think you have what it takes to grow the industry with us, please reach out to our team today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and bringing you onboard our headstrong community. There is so much to look forward to!

Member Benefits

Increased market/industry/customer information

  • Develop relationships with premier broadband service providers and vendors to discuss product & marketing issues. For our service provider members, this is an ideal venue to learn about best
    practices as well as those to avoid. For vendor members the greatest benefits include building
    relationships, understanding the telcos needs and challenges, and the potential to gain customers.
  • Meet face to face with peers at the BMMA Annual Meeting and Fall Workshop, with an
    opportunity to influence the agenda and organizational objectives.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls to discuss best practices and news related to one or two
    selected ‘hot topics.’ Full year monthly schedule.
  • Take part in industry studies, such as our broadband benchmarking study, which if purchased separately
    could (if obtainable) easily be more costly than the price of annual BMMA membership
  • Increase understanding of marketing opportunities associated with evolution of broadband
  • Take part in on-going communications with peer members via the BMMA blog.
  • Benefit from “safe harbor” legal protection for collecting and sharing information and results,
    which encourages open discussion free from perceptions of collusion.

Improved company results

  • Positive impact on broadband category awareness.
  • Increases in penetration of DSL, fiber and wireless broadband services, and greater profitability through incremental revenues.
  • More “bang for buck” in dollars spent on common activities such as market research, promotional campaigns, and advertising campaign development.
  • Implementation of expense reduction tactics

Greater voice on industry direction

  • Ability to influence the direction and pace of the technical evolution of broadband based on
    drivers in the market.
  • Elevate your professional standing and influence industry direction as a BMMA member or board member.


  • Receive discounts on attendance and sponsorships at Research First’s Broadband Services seminar.

Membership Application

Membership Application

Member Companies

Service Providers
Blue Valley Technologies
Harrisonville Telephone Company (HTC)
Horry Telephone Cooperative (HTC)
Hawaiian Telcom
Kinetic by Windstream
MTA (Matanuska Telephone Association Inc)
TDS Telecom

Scout Alarm


The Annual & Fall Meetings in addition to the Monthly “Hot Topic” calls have enabled my group to gain insight into key issues pertaining to the broadband industry. I have determined that no amount of primary and secondary research can come close to the information that is shared during the Annual meeting.
Brett Cousins – SaskTel
GVTC’s membership with BMMA is one of the most beneficial and valuable partnerships we have. BMMA creates an open forum with other service providers from across the country and Canada to engage each other, share the latest industry topics related to products and marketing, research analysis and have great open discussions on best practices, challenges, and opportunities. I’m proud and appreciate the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and look forward to another exciting year.
Roger Hill – GVTC